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What is your new single Teck Teck Tonic about?

Well the song is really about Peace Love Unity and Respect and having a f(#*&$g amazing time.

cats or dogs?

Both lol I have 2 great danes zowie and magic and a chinese crested named wonton. I also have a persian red kitty named chewbacca and a siamese named yoda.

Where do your song lyrics come from?

From my experience with life and my views and realities.

How many tattoos do you have?

I think I counted 17..

Do you plan on getting anymore?

Yes I do!

Does cum in your eye hurt?

Yes it does! And it taste gross. I hate facials.... Golden showers all the way!!

What’s your favorite activity in your off time?

It would be karaoke ! I love karaoke I would go every day if I could! My favorite song to sing is Hunger strike by Temple of the dog, I may not be good at it but its fun!

What was your favorite concert of all time??

It would diffidently be the Chris Cornell concert I attended in the summer of 2008! I am a huge Chris Cornell fan. I joined his fan club and would get notices for shows and shit. Well there was a notice to win tickets to his show and to meet him! I entered the contest, I kept praying to god every day asking him if I could please win. One night I was checking my emails after playing second life. It was a letter informing me that I had won! I screamed so loud and ran throughout my whole house. My roommate thought that I was being killed or something lol... So anyway I was able to bring a friend along.. I was so excited to see him perform and to meet him.. I took a shit load of photos and drank a shit load of tequila.. Anyway I don't remember meeting him lol but I did manage to get them to autograph my arm and I did manage to get it tattooed on me for life... I will never regret any of it...

Carpets match the drapes?

Sometimes...   I like to color them to match :)

Whats the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?

I was on my way to a blind date and I had to poop really bad! I got lost when I got off the freeway and almost pooped in my pants! there was a blanket in my car so I pulled my pants down and pooped in the blanket. I wiped my ass with the blanket and threw it out of the car.. I finally found the restaurant and I valet my car.. I kept smelling shit the whole dinner date, I finally excused my self to the restroom. I looked in the mirror and there was a shit smeared down my whole leg on my light blue jeans...I got a paper towel and tried to clean it but it smeared more! I had to leave the restaurant so I made up a excuse and left in a hurry. When the valet guy brought my car you could tell something was wrong! I went to get in the car and there was a shit stain on the seat that was thick and smelly... So that was pretty embarrassing DAM I wish I still had that blanket it was so comfy...

What was your excuse that you used to leave the dinner date?

Lol I think I said my parents wanted me home cause I didn't do my chores something lame like that...

What was the first song you wrote?

A song called things that blow! I was really upset cause this guy I was dating broke up with me. I really liked him a lot. He broke up with me cause I scared him in bed. I asked him to choke me and spank me and slap me around. He found that disturbing.... So I got drunk and wrote things that blow...

8 Responses to Ask Jessica

  1. Kati says:

    Who is your favorite friend? =)

  2. Chanda says:

    I am just starting in music now. I want to be famous someday like you. Any suggestions?

    I love Mr Tuggles too. lol

    • Jessica Shores says:

      You should continue what you are doing. Keep Doing what you love! Never give up!!! Where there’s a will there’s a way!!!

  3. Paul Marsh says:

    Have you ever been too drunk to perform?

    • Jessica Shores says:

      Yes I have actually. I had a performance at the Aqua Lounge in Beverly Hills, CA and I was nervous so I decided to drink a bottle of tequila before I performed on stage. I was so drunk when I got there! I went on stage during someone else’s set and started singing to the audience about my ex boyfriend and how he never fucked me in the ass. I don’t know why I was singing that because I never even wanted him to do that. So after I got off stage I fell on a table full of drinks and was carried out of the club and my heels were missing. I left them in the club. I was so embarrassed the next day because somebody put it on YouTube. I asked them to remove it kindly and they did, thank goodness.

  4. Dick Grady says:

    When can I get on that?

  5. Gracy says:

    When are you gonna release a album!!?? Or music video?!!?!!?!!

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