Pop Star On the Rise Despite Lifetime of Serious Health Conditions

The athlete who’s promising career was halted due to a serious injury. The established movie star who’s Parkinson’s disease changed the forecast of his future work. The scientist who’s invention would change humanity, until she discovers that she has early onset dementia.

We are all familiar with heart-breaking stories like these. Creative people with promising professional careers, born to change the world in some way, but stopped cold due to unfair medical diagnoses.

But every now and then you hear of a person who’s sheer will to realize their dream will stop at nothing.

Paralyzed due to a rare mitochondrial disorder called MELAS (Mitochondrial encephalomyopathy, lactic acidosis, and stroke-like episodes) and told by doctors she would never walk again at the age of 16, rising pop star Jessica Shores decided that her fate would not materialize from the doctor’s mouth that day.

Instead, she took slow but sure steps in the right direction, learning to become a very creative dancer and choreographer which she would later incorporate into her own music.

But MELAS would continue to have disabling effects on Jessica’s body, plaguing her chances at achieving her life’s passion and purpose.

Though she overcame her paralysis, Jessica was left with muscle deterioration as the systemic effects of her mitochondrial disorder would take a toll on her entire body. Her fading muscles would lead to improper bone support, thinning her bones and causing even more problems. Jessica would have to put her career on hold multiple times due to a shoulder replacement surgery, a broken leg, broken arms and a broken hand. She also needed to have a laminectomy, a surgical removal of the vertebral bone known as the lamina.

The disorder would also affect Jessica’s heart, causing atrial fibrillation and leading to chest pain and scary bouts of fainting. And her gastrointestinal tract and kidneys have been weakened too.

You would think that such a systemic disorder would take its toll physically and mentally on a woman who is required to dance and sing on stage for a living. But Jessica has been able to put her willpower above all else and is currently branding a name for herself in the Southern California music scene. Performing sometimes up to 3 times per week at various different venues in the area, Jessica never fails to impress the audience. Her recent success has landed her spots on stage among the likes of nationally-known artists such as Roscoe, Suga Free, and Webbie. Her unique, one-of-a-kind act has been getting the attention of FM radio broadcasts and interviews, record labels and has promoted her to headlining shows.

Jessica notes that she “feels truly blessed to be where she is at right now despite all of the roadblocks that tried to steer her away from her dream.” She feels that she is stronger now than ever and that it is her time to captivate the world with her music.

Jessica is currently working on an EP which will serve as a precursor to her debut album. The EP will be called “Is This Real?” and it is set to be released soon.

Her debut single, “Teck Teck Tonic“, is available now at iTunes, and a video is currently in progress for the song.


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